The Crocodile

By Gareth Lancaster

Today I saw a crocodile,
It sat and stared at me!
I didn’t run, I didn’t shriek,
In case I was his tea!

No move I saw the snapper make,
His jaws remained tight shut.
Whilst sweat poured down my forehead,
I heard rumbles from his gut!

I’ve been in worse predicaments,
But only in my head.
Like wrestling with big brown bears,
And monsters from our shed!

But feeling brave I shuffled close,
To see his scary jaws.
The crocodile was not impressed,
And flexed his giant claws!

The beast prepared to eat me up,
He snapped, he snarled, he blew!
But I just stood and tapped the glass,
‘Cause this croc is in the zoo!

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