The Dawn

By Robin A. Walker

I stood upon a street at break of day,
When first the rays of sunlight pierced the clouds
And banished frosts and mists of night away
And with them all the fears that night enshrouds.

I saw the city’s buildings lift their heads,
To stand once more four square beside the spires,
And men who last night crawled half-heartedly to bed
Now hurried forth with hope’s rekindled fires.

The mighty clouds that fain would linger on
The chilling winds that sought to hurt and freeze,
Now faded into nothingness at dawn,
I marveled that we’d given heed to these.

While through the air a thought of newness came,
New strength and vim, with joy to brest the fray,
This was God’s gift, to every one the same.
The greatest of all gifts—a new-born day.

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