The Gift Of Giving

By Roger Horsch

I saw her on the street corner
she was holding up a sign
All she was doing was asking for help
but she wanted something of mine.

She was asking for any change I had
she didn’t ask for very much
I looked to see just what I had
for my heart I felt she touched.

I noticed she was elderly
and had trouble holding the sign in her hand
She could barely walk upon the street
and it was hard for her to stand.

I looked directly into her eyes
and then I started to cry
I couldn’t understand why I felt this way
as she was walking by.

I waved for her to come to me
I don’t know why I felt so bad
That’s when I reached into my pocket
and gave her everything I had.

She thanked me over and over
she said, may God bless you every day
I told her, she deserves the blessing from God
as I watched her walk away.

I know God touched my soul that day
’cause He taught me how to give.
I will never forget this lesson I learned
as long as I shall live.

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