Roger Turner

By Hayfever

Strong spring winds and summer breezes
Only add strength to my sneezes
I cannot breathe…I’m on my kneezes
I’m only good when outside freezes
I need a kleenex now

I cannot breathe with pollen flying
I swear to god that I’m not lying
My eyes run so…I feel like crying
My chest hurts bad…I think I’m dying
I need some meds and how

I wish I lived inside a bubble
Then I’d have no breathing trouble
Can someone build one on the double?
My throat is dry and full of rubble
I need cough mixture now

I dream of snow instead of summer
My hayfever makes life a ******
I need something so I feel number
The problem is that I feel dumber
Please knock this out…kapow

Hayfever is my one affliction
My eyes and throat are full of friction
I take my meds, they’re my addiction
My throat is suffering from constriction
Somebody help me …now!!!

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