The Innocent Child 2

By Ola Olawale

No little angel
I replied with humor
You have chosen not a wrong place
And there is a place for you here!

Our land is fertile and enriched
Our soil is dark and rich
Our water is a place of abundance
Our sky is beautiful like a yolk

But something is missing
Leadership! I replied slowly
He sighed with deep thought

But hope is not lost
If we battle in unity
Our land is redeemable
From the hands of the rogues
We once trusted

Who have inherited our common wealth
Through crook and robbery
For their blood and water
At the expense of you and I

So let rise and take our birth place
This land is a gift of nature
Not for the rogues father and son
But for all

He smiled with hope and relief.
Lets rise for a March
To the city- state
With a new song

Rise up!! Rise up !!
Let the people rise!!
And take their birth place
This land is ours
And our inalienable right!!!

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