The Lid’s Off

By Howard J. Monley

“The ‘Flu Ban’ days are over, the sun shines bright once more, the soldiers are ‘in clover,’ the fighting days are o’er, the church, the school, the public hall now all have ‘open door,’ and lots of work for one and all is everywhere in store.

“Before we start to work my friend to God, thanksgiving give for all the blessings He did send to all of us that live. And ask Him for the blessings He in His wisdom deems the best, then work and wait on patiently and leave to Him the rest.

“The schools must now work overtime to make up all they lost. The stores must each reduce their line regardless of the cost. ‘Shop early’ is the slogan. Yes, as early as you can. For trade was lost, we must confess, while underneath the ban.”

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