The Love Of An Engineer

By Sheryl Barison

I am a civil engineer by profession.
Who’s the entire life is made for numbers domination.
And never leave reason nor an opinion,
that never undergone by sequential process of calculation.
Find problem solution by analyzing the given situation.
Take first the given, and omit those who mislead the actual condition.

Our life mostly depends on calculating by all means.
Except for loving someone this rule never fit in.
You can’t come up falling by determining
Of what would be the term of loving.
You can’t apply calculating of what could be added, what should not.
Can’t be divided nor can’t be multiplied.

Coz love define nothing.
It depends on how deep should be the feelings
We could give without expect for anything.
Love is a feeling that needs no reasoning.
It alleviates life prominence,
Sees no boundaries without essence.

Love accepts deficiency,
And rehabilitate if necessary.
Renovate if it’s the remedy,
To gain the relationship victory.
Coz engineer must be,
Build progress and not to ruin what is headway.

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