The Monster He's Become

By Patricia A Fleming

There was a time he loved her.
Now it’s clear there’s nothing there.
He walks around so flippantly
With no interest or a care.

Through his silence he berates her.
He flaunts the coldness in his eyes.
Neither her tortured sobs nor pleading words
Can make him sympathize.

To him she’s just an afterthought,
An object to be used,
A service to be rendered,
A shattered ego to abuse.

He’s Dr. Jekyll with the world to see
But Mr. Hyde behind closed doors,
And each time she tries to rise again,
He knocks her back down to the floor.

He has no conscience to control him.
His heart beats for him alone.
She’s a peasant to his royalty
As he perches on his throne.

He’s a narcissistic bully
Who rubs her wounds with salt.
He degrades, destroys and disregards
Without a guilty thought.

But she fears he’ll never let her go
And she knows he’ll never change.
Promises are made and broken
But his cruelty still remains.

But time is passing quickly now.
She’s in the twilight of her years
And it’s her hope and consolation
That her days are numbered here.

But perhaps when she’s no longer there
For him to just keep beating down,
He’ll see how weak he really is
When there’s no one to push around.

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