The Night Will Turn To Day

By Kephra Rubin

Oh, my mother used to say
No matter how dark it seems
The sun will always shine
Hold on through the night
So you might find the day

She’s not here to ask
How long will darkness last?
How hard will night push back?
How do I find my way?
When there’s darkness every day?

Am I running toward the light?
Have I been running this whole time?
Chasing down the sun
Keeping up with night?
Fleeing every day?

Einstein used to ask
What we thought of all the stars
Will the universe do us harm?
Or give us open arms?
Do you trust night to turn to day?

I think I trusted it once
Maybe a long time ago
I know my brain believes
Letting go gets you gobbled up
So you never see the day

Still, I feel my heart telling me
To trust and just let go
To know the world has hope
To know that love is shown
Stop running from it all
Stop chasing all that’s wrong
Let the night keep rolling on
And watch it turn to day

Just watch it turn to day
Watch it turn to day
If you let it change
The Night Will Turn to Day.

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