The Old Barber's Shop

By Michael Champion

Stepping into the old barber’s shop

Was a bit like stepping back in time:

Above the four foot high mirror

Was hanging a sign

Listing the various prices; a discount for OAPs

One man was having his hair cut;

Two more were sat on seats.

Old fashioned music was playing from a CD

-Or perhaps a record

And as I took my own seat I noticed that the décor

Was a little shabby and had perhaps seen better days,

The barber had his various tools in a wooden tray-

He had no till for money; just a wooden drawer

And here and there there were hair clippings strewn around the floor.

The barber was in his sixties I’d guess

With white and slightly balding hair

And once inside his barbers shop you could be anywhere.

Upon the wall hung old photos

And a clock which had a chime

And underneath was a print:

A scene of maritime.

Scattered round were newspapers

Magazines and books

There was an old hat stand and on the door were hooks.

The barber exchanged pleasantries whilst he was standing cutting

Whilst from a cup and saucer, strong coffee he was supping.

When it came to be my turn, the old barber cut my hair

Like an old professional with efficiency and care

He charged me just six pounds; I bought from him some white hair gel

And then went on my way, wishing the old man well.

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