The Road Not Taken- The Reincarnation

By Joe DeMarco

TWO paths emerged in greenish pasture

And since it was impossible to go down both

I thought which way would get me to my destination faster?
And wondered if speed was important when running the race

Isn’t it objective that matters and not the pace?

I went down the beaten path with grass so long

Which was dark and twisting, with no end in sight

And even though I stood tall and strong

I wondered if I had wandered wrong

And philosophized if there was such a thing as wrong or right

Although each path was equally unstable

The one I strayed down had more twists and turns

Oh I kept the second path for another fable

Yet knowing how stall leads to stable

I was certain I would never return

I revisit this with a pondering thought

And years from now reflecting on the past

Two paths diverged and still I fought

And took the one that’s hardly sought
And that has made my happiness so much more vast.

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