The Rule Of Law

By Neil McGreevy

You speak of the rule of law
but I’ve heard it all before
it can only be described as obsolete
when the one who does the crime
is released in half the time
that to takes to get the victim on his feet

Whilst the perpetrator slouches
on the institutional couches
that the injured party paid for through his tax
the infirmary attempts
to repair the cuts and dents
that the criminal inflicted with his axe

When the casualty goes back
to the scene of the attack
he is counselled for a time then pushed aside
whilst the villain gets to savour
all the benefits and favours
that an inept welfare system can provide

Now I’ve heard the explanations
about social deprivation
and the reasons why some people break the law
but arguments for clemency
benevolence and leniency
are just not holding water any more

And whilst those that make the rules
are relaxing by their pools
with their maximum security in place
they will never get to see
this extreme inequity
that the general population has to face

So the outlaws dirty deeds
should outweigh his welfare needs
and the laws must change to suit the modern time
where the good are compensated
whilst the bad are castigated
and the punishment must always fit the crime

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