"The Sea Is His"

By Anonymous

The sea is His; long leagues of shimmering flow,
The wrinkled lanes wherein the vessels go,
Coruscant islands gleaming softly fair,
And all the moonlit sands that lovers know.

Yes and the black doom shrieking in the air
is also His; the rock’s horrific snare,
The savage foaming monster waves of woe,
The hopeless hurled caverns of despair.

The sea is His; then look beyond the sea
To know the sea; beyond its agile glee,
Beyond its tempests, look away to Him,
The living fountain of its mystery.

Perchance through all withdrawings far and dim,
And past the dull horizon’s outmost rim,
Your eyes may glimpse the Sea beyond the sea.
Your heart may hear the choiring seraphim!

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