The Silence Feat. Uranus, Neptune

By Michael Russell

in the new dub
for season 3 of sailor moon,

the outer guardians
uranus & neptune are lovers

who came from the coldest
pocket in space, the unstitched

hem of our galaxy.
their mission: to burn

through the silence
glaive pressed against

the thin cherry blossom
of a human throat.

their throats, maybe
—ours? boyfriend,

on a crowded street
how many planets exist

between your lips

& mine?

i want to flick honey
off my tongue, let its sweet

nothing land in the cove
of your ear.

how many planets exist
between pop music & masculinity?

my nape
& diamonds of sweat

your beard? sweetheart,

armor the soft throat

of your body
drifting alone & down

a midnight alley,
into a movie theater

where lights sizzle
before they simmer

& speakers
throw sirens like knuckles.

i want to walk my fingers
along the unflexed

muscles in your hand,
burn through risk

with water, air, love.

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