The Song Of The Wind In The Cloud

By Ellen Rolfe Veblen

Rock, rock, my hollow boat!
Sleepy, sighing, swinging boat!
Woven from the spray of ocean,
Swan or seamaid taught thee motion!
Wistfully earth’s children muse
On thy blithe and wayward cruise,
All too far remote!
Float, float, my cradle cloud!
Moonlit goes my pearly cloud;
Tossing in the silvery spaces,
Drifting in the dusky places,
Smiling earth-children see
How the night enchanteth thee
For thy voyage proud.
Sail, sail, my chiming shell!
Murmuring flies my curving shell,
Followed by the laughing star eyes —
Haste! my cavern home afar lies!
Dreamily earth-children trace
‘Mong the stars thine airy pace,
Shiver by thy spell.

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