A Floating Cloud

By Savita Tyagi

I am like a floating cloud in this
Vast open seemingly barren sky.
Hidden in my bosom millions of tiny vapors,
Formless, colorless, faceless,
Waiting for a chance to get a face, a color, or a form.
In their expression, I find a bit of my identity,
But very often I float around
Carrying that mysterious world within.
This veiled mysterious world-
So near yet so unknown.
Every now and then a flash of light escapes from it,
Like a meteor bursting on the night sky.
It touches me, inspires me,
Illuminates my whole being for a moment-
Then everything becomes quiet again,
Like nothing has happened.
Mystics call it the world of silence-
There all is tranquil, all is calm.
This infinite space within-
The substratum of life,
It holds me, cuddles me, guides me through.
Always pulling me with some magical energy
Yet always beyond my reach.

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