The Tod

By Violet Jacob

    There’s a tod aye blinkin’ when the nicht comes doon,
    Blinkin’ wi’ his lang een an’ keekin’ roond an’ roon’,
    Creepin’ by the fairmyaird when gloamin’ is to fa’,
    And syne there’ll be a chicken or a deuk awa’ –
    Aye, when the guidwife rises, there’s a deuk awa’!

    There’s a lass sits greetin’ ben the hoose at hame,
    For when the guidwife’s cankered she gie’s her aye the blame,
    An’ sair the lassie’s sabbin’ an’ fast the tears fa’,
    For the guidwife’s tint her bonnie hen an’ it’s awa’ –
    Aye, she’s no sae easy dealt wi’ when her gear’s awa’!

    There’s a lad aye roamin’ when the day gets late,
    A lang-leggit deevil wi’ his hand upon the gate,
    And aye the guidwife cries to him to gar the toddie fa’,
    For she canna thole to let her deuks an’ hens awa’ –
    Aye, the muckle bubbly-jock himsel’ is ca’d awa’!

    The laddie saw the tod gang by an’ killed him wi’ a stane
    And the bonnie lass that grat sae sair she sabs nae mair her lane,
    But the guidwife’s no contentit yet, her like ye never saw!
    Cries she – “This time it is the lass, an’ she’s awa’!
    Aye, yon laddie’s waur nor ony tod, for Bell’s awa’!”