The Vineyard By The Vineyard Poem

by Thobile Masondo

Vile truths have been told by vile people
in the vineyard
Vindictively violating my dignity
Connected like a venous mess
They validate my worthlessness

I vehemently deny
I violently voice my anguish
Like a venomous snake they bite without mercy
Vapourizing my hopes and dreams
Heaven has validated my doom, my destiny

Like vampires they suck my inner peace
Their evil spreads like a viral infection
The vibrant, vivacious little girl is vanishing
Like a vagabond, i beg for mercy
Veil less and value less, I submit

I give in
My shame shall end with death
I shall not veer from this decision
The vibrant little me is no more
The grave shall cover my shame

In death my value is more
As vibrant, vivacious little girls sing my praises
There is no vangeance for dead little girls
As the vineyard lives on
Like a venomous snake it bites another

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