To My Sister In Heaven

By Edith Willis Linn

“Have you a sister?” strangers question me.
I answer “No.” But in my heart the while
I hold the picture of a gentle face,
A crown of golden curls, a heavenly smile.
Dear sister! none the less my sister now
Because I miss you in my earthly home,
I cannot doubt that you are still to me
All you had been, had Heaven not bid you come.
Though you are pure from earthly stain and scar,
Though you have grown to heights far, far above
My loftiest dream; though angel, and most fair,
You still must feel and own your sister-love.
Death could not cheat me of that deep heart-joy.
My hands have never lain in yours; my lips
Have never rested on your face, my hair
Has never felt your gentle finger-tips:
But still, dear sister, though I often long
To feel, to hear, to question and to see
I know that you are sister none the less,
And just as near and just as dear to me.

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