Too Many Caskets Not Enough Tears

By Poetry 801

Seven shots kill the silent night
Jumped out of bed somethings not right
Shots sound too close just on the next street
I was already up thinking on my feet
Grabbed my strap cut across the neighbors lawn
Already knowing that another homies gone
A rage comes over me as dark as the sky
I just keep on running not able to cry
Seen too many caskets to release any tears
Urgent sirens growing closer confirming my fears
Standing in front of the house think’n, damn all this over a color?
Then I see it’s not my homie but his baby’s mother
Being rolled away on a bloody bed
No doubt about it the young beauty was dead
Now my homie isn’t cry’n which sounds kind of sad
but he’s lost everyone to gun smoke, even his mom and dad.
Now we all crowd in the church house without shedding a tear
And look at the preacher and act like we hear
We all wait in suspense for the soon coming night
Even though God says two wrongs don’t make a right
We all loved that girl so we must let em know
That if they take one of ours ten of theirs must go
Now we’re roll’n deep, out for a cause
Don’t involve the police because we make our own laws
No worries on our minds plenty of caskets to fill
Blank look on our faces our emotions are still
Letting go of our anger with the twitch of a finger
Justifying it by saying what happiness this will bring her
But we need no reason to do what we do
After this is over we’ll still be fighting about red and blue
There’s too many caskets and not enough tears
And we visit graves saying prayers that fall on dead ears
We laugh and talk about the things they used to do
Then think who’ll be next, one of them or maybe you
My tears have been reduced as caskets have grown in size
And I no longer wait for the smoke to clear to see who’s alive
I just pitch in my money for a box that’s more like a cage
And look to a chemical to suppress my rage.

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