Two Words

By Cheryl Ward

Your birth brought us closer

As death lingered near

Your strength as you struggled

Gave flight to our fear

Down Syndrome they whispered

days after your birth

Two words that portrayed

A false image of your worth

Those words did not tell us

Of the love you would bring

Or the power your smile has

To make our hearts sing

Down Syndrome didn’t tell us

What kind of child you would be

Filled with amazing surprises

Shared with your father and me

Hard work, determination,

Teaching and learning, it’s true

Down Syndrome means much of this

For each of us, not just you

Wonder child, spirited child

You’ve grown and you’ve thrived

Your every achievement

Still fill us with pride

No matter the voice used

Two words can’t describe

The fullness you’ve added

To so many lives

Down Syndrome, those frightening words

Whispered so long ago

Never did they prepare me

For the person I now know

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