Unity In Division

By Bruce Gorton

We argue with shouts
That the inner child outs
Taunts we know to be wrong
We make in order to sound strong

We seek to understand each other
We speak of our difference

In my belly it won’t subside
The confusion born inside
A struggle to find out more
But my reason’s a closed door

We seek to command each other
We have a power difference

The loss of face like a sin
Thoughts inchoate in the din
Peace I claim to miss
I find the war meaningless

We seek to unhand each other
We bear a sour difference

Similarity sold as a deceit
We want it for our conceit
It validates our own thought
And the lies we have bought

We seek to withstand each other
In our tower difference

Change is our only grace
It is worth losing face
To find ourselves corrected
In that we stand connected

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