By Jude Herrick

Frigid metals twist like
Banshees in shriek,
Making all who hear it fear it’s threatening speech.
Cognitive cogs, turning out torture-
instigating further madness noir.
Pale green and gold in it’s likeness.
Promulgated sickness.
Rusted iron dust to waft in the air,
wasping the lungs in claustrophobic-
Gnatly obstructions, of the mocked- so mockingly unpure.
Extra sauce, nuts to soup djour.

Petrified trees claw at the air,
are the dark cathedrals amidst these nameless.
In this place there is no pollen or seed, and no blameless,
only despair.
Only Faceless Dryads, in blank stare.
Phallic Monoliths of suggestion
to gulp down and digest arears.
To guess reason and future to
their care in characature.
Erecting perversely as the devils own gnarled spires of spur and spurn.

In a place of infinite execution,
executing, excommunication-backward-absolution.
Leviathan shadowing, the fruits of nothingness.
The Goliath bloom on the throne of Judgment-
and these petrified, stalk, loom,
as pillars rooted to this testament.

Rockbeds garnish the landscape,
some as giant skulls mouths
agape in horror.
Others- the appearance of
ruptured, long-barren wombs.
Harpy hatchlings, in undead rapture-
aborted to the bed of cold’s tomb.
Metaphoric to Human Nature,
Feng shui in ruin, in stoic capture.
To accessorize the cold sea of powdered tourniquet that cut in to the skin like a shackle, a manticore of manacle-
Coat of arms, insympateco.
A Bridle hard bitten down,
pre-set to the endowment of harm.
As wraith statute rides sinners like broken ponys-with glass saddles-till frothed,
and buckled down, eyes rolled back white and CROSSED.

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