7+ Unusual Poems About Celebrities: Famous Faces

These poems look at celebrities from a different perspective, as mythical beings or people with superhuman qualities. Read on to see what we mean.

What do celebrities mean to us? Fame and fortune, or just people we happen to know about? Whether we love them, hate them, or feel indifferent, celebrities are a part of our culture. In this collection of poems, various poets explore the idea of celebrity from different angles. 

Some offer heartfelt tributes to their favourites, while others skewer the industry that created them. Whatever your opinion on celebrities may be, this anthology will give you something to think about.


We all know that celebrities are just like us, except they have more money and they’re in the public eye. But sometimes, it’s nice to forget that and think of them as something special. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of poems about celebrities as much as we have.

It was tough to narrow it down to just these, but there are so many amazing poems about famous people that we just had to stop at 8. Who is your favourite celebrity? Is there a poem about them that you feel deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the poetry community, and maybe we can add it to future versions of this collection. Thanks for reading!

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