Waiting, Ever Waiting

By Mary Alice Walton

Waiting, dreaming, waiting, by some flowing mystic rill,
Waiting, hoping, waiting, strong desires my spirit fill;
Waiting, restless waiting, Oh! could I join the busy throng,
Waiting, patient waiting, for right to triumph over wrong.

Waiting, weary waiting, as the hours creep slowly by,
Waiting, sadly waiting, unnoticed by those passing nigh;
Waiting, daily waiting, with fire alive in heart and brain,
Waiting, yearly waiting, seeming but to wait for pain.

Waiting, striving, waiting, wisdom’s goal I feign would win,
Waiting, weeping, waiting, ever bearing Adam’s sin;
Waiting, vainly waiting, the race is for the swift and strong;
Waiting, sighing, waiting, pouring forth my grief in song.

Waiting, fearing, waiting, while the shadows gather deep,
Waiting, doubting, waiting, down the rocky cliffs they creep;
Waiting, longing, waiting, for man’s promises not filled,
Waiting, trusting, waiting, Jesus speaks and all is stilled.

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