By Anunni Mouse

Alone stood he then at the beach
not far beyond the water’s reach
and said he unto himself ” If I truly wizard be
then let this here cast forth from me
from all that I might draw upon from life
and this with balance against all strife
of such command of Air I say
let she whose spirit was borne my way
then by such spirit bond bound our souls
that two apart in one is made whole
from Water let such channel be
that bonds then stronger her to me
come fire, leap forth, connect our heart
give each a sight to gain fresh start
and Earth give fertile ground for love
to cement such bond from Air above
let our bodies made of Earth
entwine with pleasure of all Life’s worth.”
and again to self he said
as Love’s flame rose unto his head
“By my spirit of that within
and with soft soul’s song unto the wind
and by all that is me do I send
this by Hope of future bright
this by Faith which guides my sight
and this by Love’s most Holy Light
and this I cast unto the sea
to find what of Life I may be
that she might still come in some way
take me to home, a place to stay.”
As alone he stood upon the beach
just beyond the water’s reach
and felt warm wind whisper soft into his ear
simple words he longed to hear
and in soft time of Sun’s embrace
turned again to await such place
that Life should cause for them to meet
and Life’s embrace make them complete

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