World War 3 Poem

By Jan Oskar Hansen

World War 3
And now as the generation that remembers how bloody
a world war is, and how many millions suffered and died,
is forgotten a distant past and again the black winged
Bird of war is flapping its wings.
I will go to Papua New Guinea, buy a big piece of forest
and plant more trees when needed, I will keep pigs that
soon will be wild and invite people to kill them with a bow
and arrow. I pig head on the wall and a trophy wife in
the bed, idiots will pay a lot for that.
By preserving the forest, I will help save the world from
carbon emission, if it is not too late and the world cannot be
saved from the colossus NATO and those with no memory
who get excited by demagogues and are ready to make
the wrong decision and eradicate them.
I will also keep cassowary as pets, but not indoors as they
do crap a lot, and like to sleep in your bed.
I will sit here and wait till radio signals are silent and I know
War is over, and the world far away is a smoking ruin
Incinerated bibliotheca, obliterated literature and we shall
not know about our short but illustrious time on earth.

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