Writing From Pain

By Katie M. Elliott

A life that is broken,
A life that doesn’t make sense,
A life that can be forgotten
With only a paper and a pen.

People are too confusing,
So you begin to create your own.
These people you can understand
And they do not make you feel alone.

You design a chaotic world
In order to forget what is real.
You unload burdens on your people,
Not really caring if they ever heal.

But the more you write their story,
The more you begin to care.
You craft their pain into glory
And give them purpose beyond compare.

You write to get what you’re after.
You see yourself in their eyes.
You find joy in their laughter,
And you feel pain in their cries.

As you create their story,
You begin to sort out your own.
The chaos turns to glory,
And you feel less alone.

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