You Are The One

By Byron Pulsifer

There are so many who love to scorn
They are the ones who blow one’s horn.
To cast aspersions upon the others
They never see that they are hunters.

They love to hunt out what looks so less
So they can be better to confess.
That they deserve the praises massed
To call all others to celebrate how they’ve surpassed.

But, do not despair because these so glorious called
Are nothing more than themselves enthralled.
You, instead, are at the top
Not ever needing to namedrop.

You need not dare compare
To those who really have no flare.
Just do your best, give it all you’ve got
You will make more headway and be on top.

It doesn’t matter what others say
You just do your best and don’t be swayed
You are the one you answer to
And to yourself always be true.

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