You Promised

By Hasmukh Amathalal

You promised me smooth sailing,
Sadness or joy with zeal and hailing,
Solder to solder and never trailing,
Task and opportunities equally availing,

I thought you were the best choice,
You had melody and sweet voice,
You spoke less but merely consented,
When sincere proposal simply presented,

How can I forget that memorable moment?
Rain was pouring and you stood in pavement,
Getting wet with perfect natural agreement,
I stood motionless without any movement,
With a gentle noise, you raised head,
Eyes invited me for taking lead,
I could see future smiling and read,
Ice was melting and distance bare thread,

I spent nights restless,
Didn’t know but may be countless,
Nothing was coming from your side,
Pain was unbearable and difficult to hide,

You chose a way with bold decision,
No lacuna with accuracy and precision,
Life is to be lived with full dignity,
Yes for it and no uncertainty,
Lie has passed with all ups and down,
Little black spots under your eyes brown,
Couldn’t offer you the best crown,
But fame, standing and name renown,

You just said parting days are near,
I could smell and sense the fear,
Was she right when expressed desire?
Listen to carefully and voice hear,

I broke down with intense pain,
Tears rolled and falling in vain,
Events were taking place almost in chain,
Will we be separated? Remained worry main,

I almost shook head and took her hand,
Dear hade we build hut on sand?
Did we not start as friend?
Why then you talk of sudden end?

It took me off how to explain?
How I will stay calm and remain?
My position will be that of slain,
She was bidding with lot of strain,

She promised met to last long,
Walk firmly with path along,
She never questioned what was right or wrong,
Always with me as friends among

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