By Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

It reminded me off years of marriage
Life passed easily on simple carriage
Happy days with joy and I could manage
Nothing went wrong with time and passage

Bad days and cruel luck would have it
Lamp went off suddenly and could not be lit
Fate severely struck with perfect hit
He was taken away within a minute

I was dumbfounded and could not cry
Asked repeatedly for what crime and why?
Was there no alternative to spare him on earth?
Did not you think what will be condition aftermath?

I have witnessed many marriage anniversaries
all gave me enough joy and no worries
this only one incidence has saddened me so much
Great vacuum created in life and not easy to fill as such

It has left me in shock and completely paralyzed
Situation is so delicate and can’t be analyzed
It has left deep scare on my shrinking mind
Unable to think positively and new alternatives to find

Every year you will come and take me off
I may not cry but can not hold the bluff
Will it be great tribute if I hold your memory fast?
It will remain with life till I breathe it last

I shall nobly act as you had desired
you teased always and got my work admired
who knew you will leave me alone to expire?
Your work may lead and thoughts to aspire

I shall continue to hold your spirit and strive
your ideas will remain alive and live and I shall revive
I shall make it livelier than life
I shall prove it to be honest as dedicated wife

Every year it will bring new lease of life and message
I will have to hold it fast to make smooth passage
No matter hold old I become with time and age
You memory will be fine print on the page

Life is simple mission to carry on
on real ground no battle is lost or won
It has to be taken as holy task
No pretence to be shown by wearing mask

It must not be go or no go situation
Life should be updated with evaluation
it demands sacrifice for any revolution
Power not in one hand but with complete devolution

It is not easy to forget happy moments
they were die hard and lovely movements
we may take it as reality of on going struggle
Life may end any time as water with bubble

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