Where To Complain

By Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal

Where to go for complaint?
When king becomes blind and turn saint?
When kingdom is handed over to wolves
Whole mystery surrounds and treachery involves

Is it wise to turn the kingdom into holy land?
Leaving the subjects into the unholy hands?
Allow anarchy and misery to prevail
All rights and freedom may also to curtail

These were the old divine rights of the kings
King was master and we the animals in rings
No voice to be heard with clipping of wings
Not to even murmur and allowed to sing

Kings used to abdicate power in favour
Such a mad race shrouded in glamour
Such was state and no worry for subject
Power or authority only main object

Kings have vanished but leaders are born
Only power game and principles torn
Who knows which side they may turn?
Monarchy is over or likely to return

People still favour old king’s system
Voice was still heard…………………
Thousands of leaders have come into being
Promises forgotten and no welfare to bring

God may save country from clutch
King was accessible even within reach
Leaders have worries and no time to spare
There is no use quality to compare

We have no choice but to live with evil
One may be less other may be more devil
Life is short and has to be compromised
When words are reneged initially promised

There is no use for blood to get boiled
Only strong resolves to get attempts foiled
Still nothing is slipped away and out of hand
Rule should prevail with respect to holy land 

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