Blot On Humanity

By Hasmukh Amathalal

It is darkest hour in our history,
Dark nights shrouded with mystery,
Keeping under heels and making mockery,
Liberty torch shine but under label of slavery,

We may hide cruel face under facial,
Abuses hurl and utterances very racial,
Delicate phase but survival very crucial,
Efforts needed nor normal but very special,

Colour cast, creed based on ethnic entity,
Human race can’t maintain proper continuity,
Change in attitude and mental state,
Can’t risk entire race to a dangerous fate,

Thousands of people flee homeland and live,
Constant fear for life and prepared to dive,
Decades of struggle not paying any result,
More poverty, inhuman treatment and insult,

Holocaust, partition and burning of homes,
Green pastures and forest reserve in flames,
Not sparing nature and still more blames,
Is it deliberate attempt to play dirty games?

Still we not miss a chance for double speak,
Invade on neighbours, who are feeble and weak,
Impose terms so as to strangulate and muffle,
Win a war without bloodshed and scuffle,

Is it simple fight between black and white?
We still can understand it is mere a fight,
Still we can see ray of hope and light,
Solve the mystery even with wrong or right,

Destruction everywhere to impose ideology,
Unbalancing act to disturb core and ecology,
Forcing millions to accept the domain,
Count more dead or sub duly remain,

On each day of passing we will witness,
Arrogance more and vanishing politeness,
Harshness more and little softness,
Still lies hope for ascending goodness 

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