15+ Brave Poems That Deal With Anxiety: Soothing The Storm

What’s the most stressful thing you’ve ever experienced? Maybe it was a time where you were at your lowest point, feeling like life couldn’t get any worse. Or perhaps it was just one of those days that seemed to go wrong, and nothing could make you feel better. 

Anxiety is a mental health disorder that afflicts nearly one in five people. For some, the symptoms are fleeting and manageable; for others, they are relentless. The poems below explore both sides of anxiety – its intensity versus how to cope with it.

What Are The Best Poems About Anxiety?


So, what does this all mean? We hope that you’ve found ways to cope with your anxiety by reading these poems. Remember, it’s okay not to be perfect, and everyone goes through tough times in life. You are strong enough to make it through anything! 

If you’re still struggling with mental health issues or want more resources on mental illness, please reach out for help. There is light at the end of every tunnel – we promise!

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