19+ Amusing Poems About School: Learning To Love

The start of a new school year always feels like a fresh start. It’s a time to dust off those old notebooks and pencils and get ready for another year of learning. 

 As students settle into their new routines, they might think about all the things they’ve learned in the past year and all the things they still have to learn.

The experience of going to school has long inspired poets, and here are some poems that capture all the bittersweet emotions of being a student. 

Whether you’re just starting your first day of school or counting down the days until graduation, these poems will remind you of why it’s worth putting in the effort. Enjoy!

What Are The Best Poems About School?


Poems about school can capture the range of emotions students experience. Whether you are a student who is anxious about going back to school or one who is excited for the new year, there is a poem out there for you. 

Reading and writing poetry can be a therapeutic way to deal with the stressors of school. Share your favourite poems about school with your friends and classmates this year, and let the power of words help you navigate your educational journey.

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