19+ Atrocious Poems About War: On The Frontlines

In times of war, soldiers fight and die not just for their country but also because they believe in something worth dying for. What could be more poetic than that? But what about those who didn’t have a choice?

Not all poetry is about love and happiness. Some poems express feelings of war and violence that we often suppress under all the other crazy things happening in the world. Here are some shocking poems about war that will remind you that not all stories have happy endings.

These poems explore how war affects people on all sides of the battlefield – from civilians caught up in battles to soldiers fighting on either side – and show us why we should never take peace for granted.

What Are The Best Poems About War?


Sometimes, we use poetry to cope with tragedy or events in life when words fail us. Masters of the craft have used it for centuries as a means of bringing people together to make sense of what is going on in our world today or just simply providing solace from pain.

The poems we’ve highlighted here are some of the most beautiful works that exist about this topic. They touch on many aspects of life during wartime-the anger, fear, violence, hope, and love-and provide an insight into how poets view wars throughout history with wisdom and compassion.

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