21+ Dreadful Poems About Breaking Up: When Love Falls Apart

Anyone who’s been in a relationship knows that breaking up is hard to do. But these poems about breaking up make it a little bit easier. They’re all about the pain, heartache, and loneliness of splitting up. 

Whether you’re the one who’s leaving or the one who’s being left, these poems will speak to your soul. So curl up with a cup of coffee and lose yourself in some poetry today. You may not feel better immediately, but at least you’ll know you’re not alone.

What Are The Best Break Up Poems?


The poems we’ve shared in this list are just a sampling of the many wonderful pieces that have been written about breaking up. 

Whether you’re the one who’s been hurt, the one who did the hurting, or someone who is simply trying to understand what happened, these poems can offer some solace and help you make sense of a complicated situation. 

If there is a poem we missed that should be in this list, let us know in the poetry community. We hope that reading (and writing) about breakups can bring some healing and provide closure for everyone involved.

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