7+ Motivational Poems About Monday​: Rise and Shine

Mondays are always a drag. The weekend is over, and you have to go back to work. But don’t let the Monday blues get you down! Check out these poems about Mondays that will make you laugh and smile. 

From reflections on the dreaded day to hilarious takes on the mundaneness of it all, these poems will make you appreciate your day a little bit more. Who knows, maybe Monday won’t seem so bad after all!

What Are The Best Monday Poems?


What would your Monday be like without the hope of a new week? We don’t want to know. But fortunately, we can always dream and imagine what our Mondays could look like if they were different. 

That is why this collection has been such an inspiration for us and you! These poems about Monday will make it easy for you to find some peace in the fact that even though life isn’t perfect, at least there are those who understand how hard Mondays can sometimes be.

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