Festive Flavors: 9+ Interesting Poems About Purim

Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates when an entire nation was saved from annihilation by following its religious leader. It’s customary to dress up in costumes, drink wine, and give gifts. 

But there is also another tradition that takes place on this day: the reading of ten Biblical verses from the book of Esther about how Mordecai saved the Jews from destruction at Haman’s hands. This year we’ve selected a few poems that deal with Purim and its themes: victory, salvation, survival, revenge, redemption…and sometimes all four! Happy reading!


These Purim poems speak to different aspects of what it means to be victorious, but what do you think? We love hearing your opinion. Drop by our Poetry Community to drop some new poetry or just hang out with other writers from around the world. See you soon!

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