A Poem For Purim: Women In The Mikvah (For Vashti)

By Michele Amira

Vashti of Iran, so gorgeous and true,

Yet tainted by the world around – what were you to do?

Misused and abused, but still trusting God to save you                                                                             

A shining star from within,

They exiled you into the blowing wind,

Because you wouldn’t obey their every whim.

Don’t dance for the golems who see nothing of you.

You deserve attention. King Ahasuerus – should have been true.

You should be able to say “no” and still be Queen too.

But, they stomped on your soul and tried to force-feed you their seed.

Forever lost from what’s within, but I will never forget that you were a shining star within.

At the end of the day, it’s nice to know that there’s beauty in the struggle; 

Sometimes the world seems so scary, I would want to live in a bubble.

Forgive, but don’t forget, keep your head up because this holiday is to celebrate you! 

You sell me off my dreams when my guards were down, but I’m always going to be found – 

God won’t let me drown.

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