Purim Poem

By Sylvia Rouss

I’m on my way to Shushan Town
In my trunk I’ll pack my crown.

I won’t be needing my toys.
But I’ll take my grogger to make some noise.

My Purim music I will bring.
So you and I can dance and sing.

I’ll take my Megillah; yes indeed!
So the Purim story we can read.

“What else am I taking?” you may ask.
I can’t forget my Purim mask.

Oops!  I hope there is still some room.
I need to pack my Purim costume.

I might need something for my tummy.
I’ll take hamentaschen; they’re so yummy.

I’ll take my shalach manot basket, too.
Filled with hamentaschen for you and you.

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