A Construction Worker

By Kara  

as he took in the view from the twentieth floor…
lights blew out
like candles

his apartment leaned
on its legs
over a chorus of
ambulances, cars,
and rumbling bikes

his shoes
smelled like
a skunk from
a dirty work
as a construction worker

drills screaming into the sun
crane necks long like dinosaurs
hats hard as a rock
a shield to falling things
plummeting onto the hat

his body froze
from the chilling
whistle of wind
whispering through
window, as if a train
came in

some place out in the parking lot,
his van slept. and in the morning,
the man gazed at
tired faces lumbering on the
sidewalk and
heads of hair
blowing in the breeze

going on a drive
to build a thousand
smiles on people
a construction worker

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