A Dragon’s Life, A Dragon’s Blessing

By April Morehouse

The wind, the sky
The moon, the stars
Have you and the wind been one?
Have you flown high in the sky?
Have you landed to the moon?
Have you been to the North Star?
I have

They sparkle, they wait
They live, they love
Do they catch your eye and sparkle?
Do they wait on shelves to be read?
Do you watch them live, grow, and die?
Do you love them with all your heart?
I do

In body, in heart
In control, in emotion
Feel your body’s muscles, and its roar.
Feel your heart beat as you soar and dive.
Feel the control to work the magic.
Feel the emotion, love and anger.
I feel

From family, from friends
From courage, from loyalty
Will you be there when your family calls?
Will you say to your friends, “I got your back”?
Will you stand on courage against all odds?
Will you be loyal when others will not?
I will

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