A Hymn Of Turning

By Anonymous

Roses gleam with red and white;
Jesus is a fairer sight.
Violets in shmlows lie;
Jesus wins the seeking eye.
Where the sunset’s green and gold
As a missal is unrolled,
Tenderer in beauty still
Jesus shines on vale and hill.
Where the mountain’s regal dome
Gives the clouds a castle-home,
Lordlier than all their grace
Jesus crowns His dwelling place.
Sweeter than the morning light
Laid upon a maiden bright,
Lovelier than children are,
Jesus’ face is fairer far.
From the beauties of the world
By the happy spring unfurled,
From Milan’s crystallic spell
And the art of Raphael,
Turn we with contented eyes
Where all heauty satisfies,
Where the soul of loveliness
Knows to gladden and to bless.
Jesus, beauty’s central sun,
Thou the only heauteous one.
Clear my eyes that I may see
All is beautiful from Thee!

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