A Rejuvenation

By Miriam Onyancha

A Rejuvenation
In the beholder’s eyes is where beauty lies
But why was I blind all this long
Seeking for love in distant lands
Far and far I went looking for my other half
Leaving you here not knowing you were mine
Letting my heart wounded and bleeding

I wish I held your hands then
Keeping you right within me
Fighting for the rib of my ribs
Never letting you slip away from me
Night and day holding you in my arms
Now I look into your eyes ,
A reflection of perfect paradise I see

My way, always shorter with you by myside
I believe love is light, you light my world
In lonely days, your loves cheers me up
Life is nothing without knowing love
You can’t live unless or until you love

We can’t open a new page in love
We open a brand new book
Learning all we need to know
Diving to the most deepest places
Climbing the most high mountains
Swimming across continents
And learning the mysteries of love.

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