All I See Is You -In Top 500

By Anjali Sinha

I want to be your fragrant musk,
I want to be that soft breeze that gently touches your soul,
I want to be that fire, which enflames your heart,
I want to bathe in the ocean of your passions,
And feel the caresses of the waves of your love,

I eat, I drink, I sleep you,
These words resonate in me,
“Blessed be thou forever”,
God above- only knows what I desire,
I am sinking -yes I am sinking
Into that labyrinth of love.

I am now a captive of your spell,
My reasoning is blocked,
My sanity stolen,
My normal life seems so out of reach,
You surround me by your powerful aroma of musk,
You so far away across the ocean,
Yet that asian perfume so powerful,
Draws me to you,
My heart is trapped by your love,
And when the shades of twilight close the day,
All I see is you! ! ! -you! ! ! -you! ! ! 

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