Annoying Siblings

By Aarushi Dalia

Siblings are soo annoying,
They irritate your soo much,
They will do anything to get you into trouble,
And your parents won’t even get a hunch!

They can pull your hair,
And stomp you with their feet.
But they set the record straight,
With a little kiss on your cheek.

When you have a sibling,
You’ll even forget what’s privacy.
And when you try to show them your strength,
They are tougher than ivory.

When you feel like having some fun,
And decide to turn to them for a change.
All you end up doing is run,
And then they tie you up in a cage!

Your parents finally get you a gift,
And get them something they really dislike,
Look back at your hand the thing drifts,
Try to get it back and you end up stepping on spikes!

They can do the worst of things
But in the end, they are always the favorite
And when you trying to say something
All you get is “SAVE IT!”

For whatever they do you get blamed,
Even if it’s something really lame.
They can kick you out of the room,
But when they are sick- you HAVE to make them soup!

They can look as hideous as they want,
But they ALWAYS look cute!
And when you wear a designer outfit,
You hear- “Go and change dude”

When I was a little kid,
I used to pray,
“Please God, give me a little buddy-
who loves to play”

Looking back in time
To what I used to say,
I should have never asked for a monster
Who treats me this way!

But no matter what they do,
No matter how harsh they get,
I would prefer no one else
To be here with me today!

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