Ode To My Annoying Siblings

By Julianna

My dear siblings,
With love and care
Fighting like superheroes and villains

We tease and chase each other
Screaming hoarsely,
Waiting for the other to roar.
One of us wins the fight.
Off runs the whiner.
They work it out
With some whines of sorrow.

I can hear my sister singing higher
than the heavens.
She’s singing on the edge
Waiting to be discovered
While the other sister is upstairs.
She sets the table for dinner
Of the plates.
With a holler everyone comes
Everyone, with their elephant stomps.

By nightfall the little brothers
Or should I say little bothers
Settle down
Giving out hugs and kisses,
Waiting to be tucked in their nests
Along with their bedtime story.

They fall asleep
Dreaming of superheroes
Fighting with a pow.
So they smile in their sleep
Of the heroes’ great defeat.
At last, our silence has begun.

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