Ode On The 4th July

By Anonymous

All hail! to the day, when from anarchy free,
Our fathers asserted the rights of the brave,
And sent this decree o’er the wide rolling sea,
“The home of the valiant shall yet be his grave.”

When the myriads of Britain overshadow’d the land,
Then first was discover’d our forefathers’ glory;
Then arose, simultaneous! the patriot band,
Whose deeds shall forever be mingled in story.

Ye youths of Columbia! let time not impair
The deeds which from sire to son have descended:
But if tyrants invade you, in unity swear
Their spirit still lives tho’ with earth they are blended.

While the Fourth of July shall be sacred to mirth,
May the name of our Washington dwell on each tongue–
His fame kindle glory–his virtues give birth
To acts which to nations unborn, shall be

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