Ash Faerie And The Leprechaun

By Sea Opal

Shallow words drip from ash faerie’s lips
in a glass everyone drinks from
all the lurid thoughts shared
by lusty leprechauns
who believe they are her special one
trolls ogres and simpletons beware

Green and gold shamrocks
painted on her blarney stone
her impish elf picks them up each day
drooling over her evocations
sent to quixotic simpletons
carried to far kingdom isles
and northern arabian shores

Pages turn black and crumble
key is hidden by the castle door
none dare to creep inside
darkling secrets they may find
no truth will surface for the blind
strangling mist across the celtic moor

Once a rainbow shimmered above
storms and spells of deceit
meteors fell to Stonehenge grounds
turned Castle and moat a putrid green
doves fell in the water and drowned
lilac mermaid escaped unbound

Saint Patrick’s day is joyfyl for Irish
clears dragons from their land
honors knights with honest hands
Only shadow silhouettes
remain of evil ash faeire
and her lurid leprechaun

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